Ticker-tape parade for NY Giants– and Lindbergh

The Super Bowl XLVI champion New York Giants will be greeted by a ticker-tape parade through what is invariably called the “canyons” of New York City.  These days, the “ticker-tape” is actually tons of confetti manufactured for the occasion (probably in China).

Charles Lindbergh, of course, received a famously extravagant New York welcome in June 1927, including a ticker-tape parade through the city, while sitting in an open convertible, accompanied by the city’s flashy major-domo, Grover Whalen.  The photo on the header of this blog is from that moment.

Lindbergh’s was not the first such parade– that honor belongs to General John Pershing and the US troops home from the Great War, who paraded in 1919.  Lindbergh’s parade was reputed to have attracted a million people (and quite a few horses, it appears)–far more, certainly, than the number who turned out the year before for English Channel swimmer Gertrude Ederle, or those who showed up in later decades for Albert Einstein or Van Cliburn.  

Here’s a clip from the Lindbergh parade:

2 thoughts on “Ticker-tape parade for NY Giants– and Lindbergh

  1. My Grandmother was there.She had just arrived via Ellis Island.from Co.Kerry.Her Uncle was there to meet her as she got off the ferry.Then they walked over to Bwdy.for the parade.My Grandmother thought this was how the new comers were welcomed to their new country.

    • Hello Kevin: I would love to hear more about this story– how it got passed down in your family, more about your grandmother, if she ever said anything else about Lindbergh? And how did you find this blog? thanks

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